3 Steps to Effectively Grow Your Customer Email List

Now that you have a better understanding of the importance of building an email list, it’s time to to take a look at some of the best ways to go about it. Whether you’re starting from scratch or trying to amp up your existing efforts, these tips will be sure to put you on the right track.

1. Decide How to Collect Emails

  • In Store

    • Ask for Email Addresses at the Point-of-Sale

One of the most effective ways you can start building your list is by asking the customer for their email at checkout. The employee should make sure to explain to the customer how they will benefit, in order to encourage sign-ups while also promoting transparency. Think of it this way- wouldn’t you be more likely to sign up for an email list if you knew it meant access to special sales alerts and discounts, rather than pointless spam?

Most POS systems have a customer list feature that makes building an email list in-store that much easier and less prone to errors. Plus, once you start collecting emails in your POS system, you’ll likely have access to even more ways to improve customer satisfaction and streamline your online and offline sales channels, such as launching a loyalty program or email receipts.

    • Collect Business Cards

Here’s another easy in-store option, and it’s a good way to get started if you don’t have a list yet: simply put out a basket in your storefront for customer business cards. And, you can incentivize people by giving them a raffle entry at the same time!

  • On Your Website

    • Add in a Pop-Up

Consider adding a pop-up to your homepage that asks for the visitor’s email address. ‘Lightbox’ style pop-ups, in which the rest of the home page fades away behind the pop-up, are especially effective in grabbing the user’s attention.

    • Include a ‘Subscribe’ Checkbox in Your Contact Form

If you already have a contact form on your page, it’s easy to add in a checkbox at the bottom so that the visitor can opt-in to your emails.

    • Collect Emails as Part of the Checkout Process

Whether shoppers are creating accounts or simply entering their emails at checkout, you should make sure to give them the option to sign-up for emails. Be sure to emphasize that they will be receiving special offers!

  • Use Social Media

    • Share Exciting Incentives

Social media is a powerful tool to generate email sign-ups, since you can incentivize users by giving them a peek into exclusive news or content. From e-books, to giveaways, to special discounts, there are many types of promotions that are very suitable for social media. And when faced with these fun rewards or benefits, users won’t be so hesitant to provide their emails.

    • Add a Tab for Email Sign-Ups

On Facebook, you can add a tab to your business page for user sign-ups.

2. Decide on Incentives

As we have touched upon, many people need an extra boost to share their emails with businesses, since they don’t want to be spammed nor do they want to take the extra time to fill out another form. But if the user knows they’ll be getting exclusive benefits, they’ll be happy to share their email. Here are a few incentives to consider:

  • Entry Into a Giveaway

You can implement this online with a pop-up form, or you can introduce it in-store with a business card raffle.

  • Exclusive Discount Codes

Give the customer a percent-off their next purchase for sharing their email address.

  • Helpful Resources

Depending on your business type, you may be able to curate interesting content that your customers can only access via email- whether it’s through a one-time e-book, or a subscription to regular newsletters filled with expert advice. For example, a grocer can provide a recipe e-book for the holidays, or an interior design company can send out monthly newsletters with helpful home decorating tips.

3. Use an Email Marketing Software to Start Sending out Email Blasts

Your tactics have worked, and your customer email list is growing- now what? We recommend you use a powerful email marketing software like MailChimp, which can be integrated into many POS systems and e-commerce platforms.

And if you haven’t yet, now’s the time to start mapping out an email marketing strategy. Is your plan to send out monthly newsletters? Or just to keep customers in the loop about sales? Start doing some research on what will work best for you and your customers.


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