Announcing the New Clover Leasing Program

Clover’s line of smart terminals are a favorite with merchants in every industry- and for good reason. The secure, wireless devices accept a wide variety of payment types- including EMV chip-card, EBT, and mobile payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay- and they can be customized to function as full-service point-of-sale systems with features for email marketing, employee management, inventory tracking, and much more. Plus, with advanced P2PE-certified encryption technology, merchants can speed up the PCI compliance process.

Are you interested in trying Clover? Our new Clover Leasing Program makes it easier and more affordable than ever to get started! For a low monthly price, qualifying merchants have access to a full Clover system, including the Clover Station, a cash drawer, a receipt printer, a scale, and a barcode scanner.

The Clover Station is Clover’s largest countertop device that takes the traditional checkout experience to the next level. Messy countertops and mismatched hardware are eliminated with this 2-in-1 payment terminal and POS system that’s compatible with a wide variety of peripherals. The Station also works seamlessly with Clover’s smaller wireless devices, making it a great scalable solution for small business owners who want to be able to adapt to growing and shifting business needs with ease.

For more information on our leasing program, please contact Fidelity Customer Service. Same-day approvals are available!