Why You Should Build an Email List

You’ve probably heard it said before that your success lies in the size of your network. And for merchants, this couldn’t be more true. By creating and maintaining relationships with current and potential clients, you can successfully build loyalty and sales. And fortunately, one of the most effective ways to develop strong relationships is also the easiest: email marketing. Here are 5 reasons why building an email list for business-to-consumer communications is so important for your bottom-line.

1. It’s Simple

You don’t have to be a marketing expert to start building an email list. Start small by collecting business cards in your brick-and-mortar shop, or you can add a pop-up to your e-commerce site to collect emails from visitors. Another easy option is to utilize a POS system that can request the customer’s personal data at checkout, such as Clover.

2. Customers Prefer Email Marketing

Several studies confirm that email is the preferred marketing channel for the majority of people. This is especially true for Millennials, with a reported 73% preferring to receive communication from businesses via email over other channels like social media. Another study shows that people are twice as likely to sign up for a merchant email list than they are to interact with the brand on Facebook.

Take advantage of a communication channel that your customers will appreciate, and you can be sure that your message will be well received.

3. You Know That Your Message Has Been Delivered

90% of emails get delivered to the intended recipient’s inbox, but research shows that organic (non-paid) reach of brands’ Facebook posts can be as low as 2% of their audience! Whereas social media sites can lose popularity overnight, and are also subject to algorithm adjustments that affect content reach, email has remained largely the same since its inception. This is why your email list is so valuable- it will continue to be important to your business, even as other consumer trends come and go.

4. It Provides the Highest Return on Investment

Online merchants are six times more likely to see website traffic generated by an email as opposed to their Twitter page. And, these visits are likely to result in higher sales: studies show that people who make purchases from an email actually spend 138% more than those who don’t receive email offers.

Especially when you consider that you don’t have to spend advertising dollars on emails, the return on investment far outweighs that of other communication channels.

5. You Can Prevent Lost Sales

Unfortunately, around $4 trillion worth of merchandise is abandoned in online carts every year. The good news, though, is that sending emails to your shoppers who abandon their carts is one of the best things you can do to win sales back. Research shows that almost half of all abandoned cart emails are opened, and over a third of clicked abandoned cart emails lead to a sale. And, you can up these odds by sending more than one abandoned cart emails to the shopper or by including a discount in the email.


These are just a few of many reasons why email lists are so valuable for retailers. In our next blog post, we’ll go over some good ways to start collecting customer emails.