Offer Customers Takeout and Delivery With Clover’s Online Ordering Solutions

With their sleek design and powerful restaurant POS capabilities, Clover’s lineup of smart terminals are the perfect solution for food services businesses. And now, in addition to their powerful tools for managing on-site restaurant orders, Clover is offering its Online Ordering Solutions so that businesses can start accepting food orders online with ease!

At a time when more and more customers are opting for food delivery or takeout, Clover Online Ordering is truly a quick and easy way to appeal to these new preferences. Plus, it’s completely free for all merchants who use the Clover Station countertop device!

Clover Online Ordering consists of 3 different services:

1. Clover Website Ordering

Clover Website Ordering makes it easy for Merchants to set up an online site that links to their menu in their Clover Dashboard. All that Merchants need to do is opt-in (see below for instructions) and confirm their business and operational information. Then, Clover will generate the online ordering page that can be linked to the Merchant’s site or used as a standalone page. All incoming orders can be managed right from the Clover device!

2. Clover App Ordering

Once your Merchant signs up for Clover Website Ordering, their menu page will also be added to the Clover app! Similar to food ordering apps like Uber Eats and Grub Hub, the Clover app enables customers to place orders at nearby restaurants. To learn more about the Clover app, click here

3. Clover Google Search Ordering With The

Clover has partnered with The, a Google solution that enables customers to easily place orders from Google business profile pages. Clover Merchants who sign up with The will be set up with an online ordering page for their Google profile that connects to their Clover menu. Note that additional processing fees apply for orders placed through Google

Are You an Existing Clover Merchant?

To sign up for Clover Online Ordering and The, existing Clover merchants should click “Get Started” in the Account & Setup tab in their Clover Dashboard.

To learn more about Clover Online Ordering, contact Fidelity today!