Introducing the Clover Station Pro and Clover Flex LTE Version 2

Clover’s lineup of smart terminals is preferred by many retail and restaurant merchants for their innovative design, extensive array of POS apps (think customer loyalty, inventory management, and food deliveries), and support for a wide range of payment methods. As a Fidelity Merchant, you now have access to Clover’s latest devices that will be sure to upgrade your checkout counter: the Clover Station Pro and Clover Flex LTE Version 2!

1. The Clover Station Pro

Like its predecessor, the Clover Station 2018, the Clover Station Pro is a powerful countertop point-of-sale system featuring full-service business management tools and support for EMV, contactless, and magstripe payments. The Clover Station Pro is the fastest Clover Station device yet, and it comes with a dedicated customer-facing touchscreen display.

2. The Clover Flex Version 2

The Clover Flex is a popular handheld wireless terminal that’s perfect for accepting payments on-the-go, away from the counter, or tableside. The new-and-improved Clover Flex LTE Version 2 features even faster processing times and enhanced wireless capabilities.  

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