How to Come Out Ahead This Summer

While some businesses thrive in the summer- think ice cream shops or al fresco cafes- others may have a hard time getting customers out of the sunshine and into their doors. If your business is going through a summer slump (we hope not!) here are 5 ways you can bring the heat inside.

1. Make it Easy to be Found

Tourists and locals alike spend more time exploring outdoors when the weather is nice, which means there are more opportunities for them to chance upon your storefront. Try out some of these techniques to raise awareness of your business:

  • Be GPS- and Search- Friendly

Add your business to Apple Maps and Google Business to ensure that customers who are searching for businesses in their area will come across yours. And by making a Google Business account, your storefront won’t just show up in Google Maps, but it will also be a search result on Google.

If you sell products, you can also be more searchable by utilizing POS apps like Locally and Pointy, which will link your in-store inventory to their online search engines- all with little effort on your part. When customers use these tools to search for brick-and-mortar locations nearby that carry the specific products they need, they’ll come across your shop.

  • Bring Some Excitement to the Sidewalk

A sidewalk easel, balloons, storefront samples, or a colorful product display can all make the difference in turning window shoppers into customers.

2. Reach Customers Everywhere Via Social Media

Your customers may seem far away while on vacation, but social media brings them right inside your shop! Whether or not you have an online store, social media is vital for keeping your brand in the forefront of your consumers’ minds while they’re out of town. Regularly post appealing content, and make sure to spotlight your latest products (especially those that are great for summer) in order to keep your customer base engaged and to increase traffic to your storefront/website.

3. Launch E-Commerce and Mobile Commerce

If you don’t have an e-commerce site, getting started can seem daunting- but with the right e-commerce platform and POS system, it’s not as challenging as it seems. So, if you’ve noticed that a summer slowdown is an ongoing trend for your store, getting your products online could make a world of a difference in keeping sales up.

When preparing your e-commerce site, don’t forget to optimize it for mobile shopping. Mobile shopping is on the rise, and it’s sure to be popular in the summer among vacationers who left their laptops at home.

4. Introduce Summer Specials

Hot chocolate and cashmere cardigans may not be your top selling points for a little while. Even if it means breaking away from the mold, you’ll come out ahead by offering summer-friendly products and services, or by serving a refreshing dish or drink with seasonal flavors.

If changing your products and services isn’t on the agenda, then try out a summer sale to make this time of year feel more special for your customers.

5. If Your Sales Just Aren’t Picking Up, Use Your Time Wisely

For some businesses, summer just isn’t so hot. If despite your best efforts you still are experiencing a lull in sales, then you might as well stay productive! Use the extra time to focus on growing your business- for example, learn about social media or email marketing, redesign your website, explore business management tools and software, launch an e-commerce site, or research a new POS system or integration for your store.

As a final note, if your business is truly seasonal- such as a summer camp, snow removal service, or landscaping company- we encourage you to reach out to us today about our Seasonal Account Program. This program allows merchants to “press pause” on their account as opposed to closing it completely. This way, they can avoid monthly fees when the account is not in use, and there is no need to reapply when starting up again the next season. To learn more, contact us today.