Fidelity’s Data Protection Service Program

Protect Your Business From the Costs of a Potential Data Breach

Data breaches, which entail the unauthorized release of private personal data, are a growing concern for businesses across the country. And if you’re a small business, a data breach can bring particularly serious consequences: a recent survey revealed that an astounding 60% of small businesses will shutter their doors in the aftermath of a data breach.

Fidelity is proud to offer merchants the Data Protection Service Program, which provides coverage for liabilities incurred from the fallout of an actual or suspected data breach. While we truly hope that you won’t ever need to utilize the benefits of this program, should a data breach you can rest assured that your business will avoid tremendous losses.


The Data Protection Service Program is $39.99 annually, and its benefits include:

$100,000 liability coverage per MID/$500,00 per merchant with multiple MID’s

No deductible

Worldwide coverage

PCI re-certification services

Coverage for fines and penalties including PCI and GDPR

Loss mitigation (such as equipment upgrades)

Crisis management and fraud prevention expenses


This program is only available to Level 2, 3, and 4 Merchants. Note that claims must be reported within 60 days of first knowledge to receive coverage.


To opt out of the Data Protection Service Program, please click here.