Fidelity’s New Automated Interactive Voice Response System: PhonePay

PhonePay is our hosted, fully automated voice solution enabling you to accept phone payments from your customers quickly and securely, day or night. When you sign up for PhonePay, you’ll receive a dedicated dial-in number for customers to make payments or donations. You can choose pre-recorded scripts or create custom scripts to guide your customers through the IVR prompts so they can enter their payment information quickly and easily.

Here Are the Latest Features (as of May 2019)

  • Your customers now have the option to save their card information on file so they can make future payments or donations without needing to re-enter their information.
  • Your customers will now receive a text confirmation when they make a payment or donation.
  • You can customize donation or product and service categories to help keep track of different payment/donation types.
  • You can customize preset amounts, enabling your customers to select a payment or donation amount with the click of a button (i.e., they’ll be prompted to press “1” to pay/donate $18, press “2” for $36, etc.).

With the help of this automated system, you can reduce overhead costs, eliminate manual labor and save time, reduce data entry errors, and improve customer satisfaction by offering additional payment methods. Plus, PhonePay is highly secured and keeps payment data out of scope for PCI compliance.