How Payments and Technology Go Hand-In-Hand

In 1949, credit cards began in the form of a “Diners Club Card” which allowed consumers to buy now and pay later on travel and entertainment. From paper to plastic, to chips and now even near-field-communication waves, credit cards have come a long way to reach the point they have come to in today’s day and age.

Technology has redefined and revolutionized payments today and created a more seamless customer experience as well as heightened efficiency for merchants.

Versatile Payments

There are more ways to pay now than ever before. Whether it’s swipe transactions, EMV credit card payments, NFC payments or acceptance of all card types, businesses need to stay aware of payment trends to keep up. Customers have come to expect all businesses to take nearly every payment type, and payments are an essential component of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Faster Payments

Credit cards today not only have faster processing times at checkout but also have faster payouts for merchants. Fidelity is one credit card processor that offers funding deposited in your bank account the very next day.

Safer Payments

Merchants used to be much more nonchalant about how they stored credit card data. With the advent of EMV for in-store and fraud protection for online merchants, payments information can be secured securely and protected from a potential data breach.

Convenient Payments

Merchants are not only limited to a brick-and-mortar store location but can take payments anywhere. Fidelity offers practical and affordable solutions for mobile businesses, e-commerce as well as the traditional in-store merchant.

Connected Payments

Payments no longer need to be a standalone affair; integrations are possible with point-of-sale systems and even Quickbooks. This can significantly reduce a business’ overhead expenses and create a seamless order and payments flow.

Fidelity creates its own technology to bring a unique edge to the payments industry and provide our merchants with the latest trends to help their businesses succeed.

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