How To Back Up Your Point of Sale System

A step-by-step guide for merchants.

Your point of sale system houses the most important data for your business, including but not limited to:

  • Current inventory items
  • Inventory maintenance
  • Customer maintenance
  • Gift card balances
  • Sales history
  • Purchase orders and received inventory
  • Employees’ timecards and payroll data

This information is precious and would pose a significant loss in the event of a system crash. Backing up a POS system’s data can be done in under a minute and save months of time and thousands of dollars in data retrieval.  It can be easily completed with a USB flash drive. We highly recommend an online backup such as Google Drive, which is a free feature for users with an active Gmail account.


To perform a manual backup on the Aldelo POS, go to the back office/backup database and backup to any selected file (external drive preferred) path by following the prompts.

To set up an automatic backup go to back office/station settings. On the General tab enter a “Backup Prompt Time,” check the “Automatic Backup” box and hit ”Save.” Then you’ll need to set up a manual backup (see instructions above) to the specified file path. Once that is completed, the merchant can return to normal operations, and the system will perform a daily backup at the scheduled time.

PC America (CRE)

To perform a manual backup, exit the menu page to view the login screen. Hit the “File” button on the top left corner, hover over the “Database Maintenance” and a pop-up screen will appear where you will select the first option, called “Backup Database.” At this point, you will need to enter the administrator’s password and ID.  

Note: The system will force prompt you to settle all transactions before doing the backup, so if the merchant is running on tips then settle out all transactions with tips before proceeding to the backup.

Once that has been completed, you can continue to the backup page where it will prompt you to store the backup file and name the file. Hit save and wait until you see the message “Database successfully backed up” then hit “OK.”

Fidelity’s point of sale experts can provide backup assistance and even set up automatic backups for our merchants. Contact us today for more information, and check back here often for updates and tips on other POS systems.