Kosherfest 2018 Recap!

This past November 13th and 14th, Fidelity had a blast at the 30th annual Kosherfest! Located at the Meadowlands Expo in Secaucus, NJ, Kosherfest brings together key decision makers, manufacturers, and distributors in the kosher food business. As the kosher food industry expands every year, it’s no surprise that this year’s Kosherfest had over 7,000 attendees and over 350 exhibitors. Journalists, restaurant owners, store owners, food bloggers, and many more in the industry walked the expansive floor to sample the latest culinary delights and network with other professionals.

This year, the Fidelity Payments booth was lit up with an exciting game show theme, and attendees had the opportunity to win some real cash in our money machine. Participants who entered the machine struggled to catch cash as air blasted the bills in circles. Many ‘contestants’ walked away with money, and some were lucky enough to catch over $100!

Emceeing the booth was Ami Magazine’s White House Correspondent Jake Turx, whose humor and excitement drew in visitors from across the floor.

In addition to Turx, Fidelity had some other well known media figures and journalists at the booth, including Menachem Lubinsky, President and CEO of Lubicom Marketing; Zev Brenner, renowned Radio Host and President and Founder of Talkline Communications; and KosherGuru, a social media star for the kosher food world.

The Fidelity Team didn’t only help attendees win money, though—as always, they helped them to save money! Our talented Sales Agents took the time to connect with attendees, learn about their business needs, and propose opportunities to cut costs.

Thank you to the many Fidelity employees whose hard work made our presence at Kosherfest such a success!