How To Optimize Your POS System for the Holiday Season

More foot traffic, more sales, more returns. The busiest time of year for retailers is approaching, which means there’s less room for error and more need for maximum productivity and efficiency. Fortunately, the latest POS technology incorporates a variety of solutions that can take the burden off of merchants and help them stay organized. Don’t stress this holiday season; here are some ways you can utilize your POS system to manage a hectic schedule and encourage sales.

  • Process Payments Anywhere

Use a POS system that runs on wireless devices so you can ring customers up and collect sales analytics from anywhere. This is a perfect solution for chaotic storefronts and slow-moving lines. We recommend the Clover Flex as a great mobile 2-in-1 POS and terminal option.

  • Manage Email Marketing

Integrate email marketing capabilities with your POS system to easily send out blasts about holiday sales and promos. This is an important part of your overall holiday marketing strategy, which is essential to have in place for holiday sales success.

  • Offer Gift Cards

Gift cards are one of the most popular holiday gift items, and they actually influence people to spend more- the majority of people will spend more than the total value on their gift card. You won’t want to miss out on gift cards’ profitable potential, so use a built-in program or integrate gift card capability into your POS system.

  • Gather Sales Reports

Monitor sales trends so you can see what works and what doesn’t. For example, you can learn what products are best-selling, and which days and times bring in the most shoppers. By tracking sales patterns, you’ll not only be boosting this year’s holiday sales, but future holiday sales as well.

  • Manage Inventory

With inventory flying off the shelves (we hope!), you’ll need inventory management to make sure that you’re well-stocked. Ensure that your POS system has omni-channel integration, too, so you can keep track of sales both online and in-store.

  • Omni-Channel Integration

Customers want a unified retail experience. Integrate your in-store POS system and e-commerce platform so customers can seamlessly switch between in-store and online shopping. Plus, you’ll enjoy enhanced inventory and sales monitoring that reflects activity on all channels.

  • Schedule employees

With the holiday rush, you’ll need more people on hand for smooth sales. Use employee scheduling software in your POS system to avoid any confusion. This software can also identify your top-selling employees, so you can staff your store strategically.

  • Prevent Fraud

The holiday season is a prime time for fraud. Upgrade your POS system to EMV compliance and you’ll reduce fraudulent transactions and prevent chargebacks.


There are so many POS systems and integrations on the market that allow you to customize the perfect retail solution. Avoid extra hassle by optimizing your POS system for the holiday season, and you’ll find yourself wondering how you managed the rest of the year without!

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