Payments at the Center of the Grocery Revolution

The grocery industry is seeing some pivotal changes of late. No doubt about it, 2017 is going to be a defining year as consumers seek both convenience and speed in the shopping experience. They expect to be able to find what they’re looking for easily and to get in and out quickly.

When it comes down to it, aside from product placement and selection, payment plays a  pivotal role in providing the ideal experience consumers will come to expect.

The top innovators in the grocery industry have demonstrated that a speedy checkout process has been the key to their success.


The grocery industry has slowly been leaning towards smaller stores offering convenience food at lower price points.  Amazon has offered exactly that, but better.

With their new beta store, Amazon Go, not only are they giving customers the products that they want, but they are optimizing the experience as well. Using artificial intelligence, Amazon has essentially eliminated the checkout process and relies on their app and technology to handle the payments portion of their operations.  Consumers check in with their mobile app, and sensors keep track of which items they take or put back, and when they leave the store the order is billed to their Amazon accounts.

They are intrinsically redefining payments and a streamlined checkout experience, using cards but eliminating the hassle. It’s an exciting future and one that we predict other companies will soon be imitating shortly.


Walmart understands consumers’ need to obtain goods at their low price points and a wide array of choices. However, our “on the go” society leaves little time for meandering through an entire superstore to pick up a small number of items.

With this reasoning, they created the concept of a grocery order pickup location and gas station. The two locations in Alabama and Colorado feature a gas station as well as a convenience store that sells hot sandwiches and coffees and serves a dual purpose as an online grocery order pickup location.  It’s a balance of in-store and e-commerce grocery shopping.

Once again, checkouts are optimized by payments that are completed online and orders that can simply be picked up and loaded into the car.  Target offers similar options with their curbside pickup service as well.

Grocery Delivery Apps

Grocery stores are evolving as they go virtual by offering online ordering and delivery.

Successful grocery chains understand the importance of convenience to the consumer, as well as the practicality of online platforms.  Fidelity realizes that here, too the payments portion of the transaction needs to be seamless, fast and secure.

We currently offer payment processing to a plethora of grocery apps and online shopping platforms. Our technology is advanced in that it integrates seamlessly with a wide range of software and POS systems.

When technology is moving at the speed of light, it is essential that businesses of all sizes keep up to stay one step ahead of the curve. Fidelity will help you achieve your business goals because we understand that vital role that payments play in your business operations.

For more information, or for a consultation on which solutions would best suit your business model, feel free to contact us today.