The Affordable Pay-By-Phone Solution

While many businesses and organizations accept payments online, a significant amount of sales are still done the old-fashioned way – by phone. But manually staffing phone lines means there will inevitably be lost revenue, due to high call volume and when the office is closed.

With a pay-by-phone solution, you can accept payments around the clock through an automated system. Utilizing IVR (Interactive Voice Response) technology that is fully customizable, the system will guide callers through the available options, and securely process credit card payments in live time. And that is just the start.

Fidelity offers the most cost-effective Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution that enables automated phone payments. Our Pay-By-Phone service offers a powerful, yet easy-to-use system that is available around the clock, and has many benefits for businesses and nonprofits.  To illustrate, a charity running a raffle fundraiser can offer donors a hotline. Callers will hear a pre-recorded welcome message and be presented with the following flow:

  • To purchase one ticket for $18, press 1.
  • To purchase three tickets for $36, press 2.
  • Please say or enter your credit card number.
  • Please enter your expiration date.
  • Please enter your security code.

The caller will be thanked for their support with a pre-recorded thank you message.

The automated and customizable system is ideal for invoice payments, fundraisers, and more. The fully-scalable IVR system can accommodate advanced customization and integrations.

Some particularly beneficial features of the system are:

Outbound Phone Capability
Upload a contact list and the system will call each number and allow them to pay their balances or make donations through the automated system.

API For Custom Integration
The powerful API enables developers to integrate the system with external databases, so customers can check balances, hear payment history, and renew subscriptions.

Advanced Reporting and Fully-Featured Portal
Clients receive access to real-time transaction data and reporting, as well as email confirmations for each transaction. They also receive daily call reports of the day’s transactions.

Support for Recurring Payments
The automated system allows callers to setup recurring payments.

Address Lookup
Address lookup is available to streamline the transaction process. Customers simply enter their phone number, and the system will match the phone number with the registered billing address to streamline the process.

Watch this video to see how the pay-by-phone solution can work for a fundraising raffle campaign: