The Full Scoop on Our Quickbooks Integration

We talked about the availability of a QuickBooks integration with Fidelity’s payment processing.  Here is a bit more about how a QuickBooks plugin can benefit your business, specifically in terms of lower rates, customization options, and convenience.

Lower Rates

A Quickbooks integration means that Quickbooks can be used with the processor of your choice.  That allows you to accept credit cards with the lower rates that Fidelity can offer because of our industry experience and expertise, which means better profit margins for your business.

Streamlined Batch Management

Not only will a Quickbooks integration save you money, but it will also save you time.   Users have access to a streamlined batch settlement, which will occur daily versus per transaction. It is a simpler and more efficient way to manage your payments.

Compatibility with Other Features

Integration also allows for greater flexibility, as it can be used in conjunction with Fidelity’s full spectrum of products and services. For example, the card updater feature is a solution that automatically updates recurring credit card charges based on changes in expiration dates and card numbers for a seamless payments flow.

Flexible Funding Options

Using a third-party processor creates the option of using multiple merchant accounts for one Quickbooks user, enabling flexible funding choices.

Advanced Customer Profiles

The Quickbooks Plugin features advanced customer profiles, with multiple customization options and additional fields to conveniently store important customer details in a centralized location.

User-Friendly Interface

The plugin boasts an intuitive interface that is easy to use and has advanced invoice filtering options to save time and increase efficiency.

Fidelity is proud to offer numerous features to increase business efficiency and decrease costs. Contact us for more information today.