The Secret to Customer Relationships

Hint: It all comes down to checkout.

The retail customer relationship begins the moment a customer walks into your store and is cultivated during the shopping process with item selection, pricing, customer service and even store layout.  However, what truly seals the deal is the checkout process. Having a streamlined and efficient checkout is not only a key component of closing the sale but maintaining and cultivating customer relationships. 

Here are four key factors to consider when evaluating your checkout process:

The Wait Time


Customers can buy anything online in seconds, so they are much less willing to wait in line in the store. A long wait at checkout creates a negative impression; it’s the last thing customers remember before they leave.  A payment and point-of-sale system that is optimized for your particular establishment can significantly cut wait times and increase checkout efficiency.

Adequate Staff On Hand


It is essential to have enough people on the floor to get the job done. Whether it’s aisles open at checkout, reps at the customer service desk or staff on hand to answer questions and retrieve merchandise – these all contribute to the customer experience.  By streamlining processes at checkout, more staff time can be dedicated to assisting customers with their shopping needs.

 Loyalty Rewards


Return customers want to be rewarded for visiting your store. A strong rewards program creates loyalty and return customers. With the right payment processor and point of sales system at checkout, customers can seamlessly earn and spend their rewards.

 Versatile Payment Acceptance


After you have put in the effort and succeeded in getting a customer through the door and purchasing process, you do not want to risk losing them as they are about to pay. By accepting a wide range of payment options – card types, in addition to swipe, EMV and contactless payments such as Apple Pay – customers can complete their purchases by paying the way it is most convenient for them.

Fidelity offers flexible payment solutions for merchants in every industry. We develop cutting edge technology to individualize payments based on each merchant’s particular needs and ensure that their payments are optimized.

By choosing a processor like Fidelity that offers speedy and convenient payment options, a merchant can optimize their checkout process and greatly improve customer satisfaction and create long-term relationships.