5 Major Reasons to Outsource Your Online Payments

Merchants have the challenge of balancing their day-to-day business needs while simultaneously maintaining a focus on growth and expansion. The more that business owners and operators, especially those in the service and nonprofit industries, can reduce their overhead burden the more likely they are to succeed as innovators and changemakers.

While payments are no doubt central to any business, they also have the potential to take a considerable toll. Merchants need to prioritize a variety of objectives: data security, payment and billing management and fraud prevention. Merchants in the service industry will want to ensure that payments are secure while remaining convenient and low-cost.


The solution is for merchants to outsource their payments acceptance. It comes in the form of a Fidelity-hosted payment form which performs all the essential functions and more in an automated and secure fashion.

The forms have the option of being embedded on the merchant’s website or coming up as a pop-up window; both of which outperform the other solutions on the market on five fronts:

Data Security

Fidelity-hosted checkout pages offer the highest level of data protection on the market. Every submission is automatically tokenized, which means that merchants do not have access to the credit card information since a token is provided instead of the full credit card number.

Additionally, when Fidelity hosts the payments, the merchant is taken out-of-scope and does not require any further action for PCI compliance. It reduces the cost and eliminates the hassle of PCI.

Reduced Overhead Cost

Many merchants looking to set up a payment site immediately assume they must hire a web designer to place the form on their website. However, it can be implemented simply and more securely by outsourcing it to our expert staff. They will design a payment form that maintains the highest level of both form and function.

Additionally, customers purchasing high-ticket items or services may want to participate in a payment plan to diffuse the cost. Subscription services require the ability to charge cards recurringly, and nonprofits need the capacity to offer options for monthly donations. The Fidelity-hosted checkout page makes recurring billing simple by storing the credit card information on a secure server.

The form also takes recurring billing a step further. If the recurring billing information is incorrect, whether it is the credit card number or expiration date, the “account updater” feature will obtain that information as well to allow an uninterrupted flow of recurring billing.

Optimized for Every Lifestyle

When customers get to checkout, they want it to be seamless and convenient. 68.81% percent of customers give up on payments at checkout because they’ve found the process to be a hassle.


When Fidelity hosts the payments form, merchants can rest assured that they accept all major credit card types and that it is device-optimized.

If a retailer wants to allow customers to sign in and remember their payment information from time to time, that feature is available as well.

Flexible & Adaptive Technology

Innovation in technology today is considered old news by tomorrow. Anything in the tech industry, especially payments, need to keep up with the speed of innovation.

A hosted checkout page is just the solution to guarantee that your payments are on the cusp of the technological revolution. It is a payment system that is flexible to meet the needs of both merchants and consumers.

The Fidelity payments portal offers maximum flexibility, efficient transactions and better batch times, all of which translate to faster deposits for businesses.

Comprehensive Support

Above all else, a business needs to know that when issues arise there is a support system in place to create an action plan. Fidelity offers premier support for all of our payment solutions. 20 years in the industry has given us the knowledge and experience to provide merchants with answers to their questions.

Fidelity has a track record in creating efficient payment solutions for merchants of all sizes and industries. Contact us today for more information.