A Simple Solution for PCCharge

Many merchants have recently been receiving an error message on their PCCharge account, which has stopped processing transactions. Fortunately, Fidelity has a solution that can be completed quickly and easily, without the help of an IT professional.

The error messages began occurring on December 28, 2016 when First Data began declining PCCharge transactions due to a new security update, SHA-256, to which PCCharge did not meet the requirements.

The Fidelity solution is straightforward and easy to implement, even for the non-technically savvy. It requires that you simply uninstall PCCharge and then install our software to get your transactions up and running again. Additionally, our solution is PCI-certified, which provides advanced security while reducing the expense and lengthy paperwork.

Our solution can be implemented for most Point of Sale (POS) systems integrated with PCCharge including PCAmerica and Micro Merchant.

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