Clover is the Smart Terminal of the Future

Clover is not your standard card processing terminal. Its sleek and compact design is a modern interpretation of terminals of the past, and will instantly modernize any storefront. Equipped with capabilities that extend far beyond processing transactions, Clover’s all-in-one terminal and POS system is perfect for small business owners who are juggling a variety of responsibilities with limited time and resources. Rather than switching between many software systems or even outsourcing, Clover’s technology can be customized from a selection of over 200 apps that will help manage employees, track inventory, and provide business analytics. Clover is doing for small business owners what the smartphone has done for everyone else- organizing life’s many facets into integrated technology at our fingertips.

From the moment Clover arrives at your doorstep, it’s convenient and easy-to-use software becomes apparent. Clover can be set up in a matter of minutes, and rest assured that 24/7 support is always available. For the small business owner who is not tech savvy, this is the perfect option. Additionally, business owners can save valuable time by focusing their energy on learning just one software system to run their business, since Clover offers so many apps that can carry out a wide array of functions.

Clover accepts more payment types than any other terminal: magnetic strip cards, EMV chip cards, and mobile pay options such as Apple Pay or Android Pay. Since 33.1% of mobile users are expected to use mobile pay options by 2020, this is a valuable component that sets Clover apart from other terminals on the market.

EMV compatible and equipped with a strong security system and cloud storage of data, Clover will help you avoid fraud and liability issues while protecting sensitive data. These are necessary features, considering data breaches have been increasing in recent years and 90% of data breaches involve small businesses.

Beyond its functioning as a card processing terminal, Clover is a comprehensive tool that can help small business owners manage their business. There are apps for timesheets and payroll, sales analytics, accounting, and customer loyalty programs. Other apps include inventory tracking for retail stores and delivery apps for food service businesses.

Available in five different models, Clover’s technology is all compact and stylish and allows for easy expansion when your business scales up in size.  

Clover Station is the largest option, perfect for use as a countertop POS system. Unlike a traditional store checkout that is crowded by terminals, scanners, monitors, and cash registers, Clover Station integrates a variety of features into one system, with the option of connecting printers and cash drawers if needed.

Click here to download a datasheet on the Clover Station.

Clover Mini is a more compact touch-screen tablet that is a great space-saver for countertops. It can function solely as a terminal or be customized with a variety of POS capabilities.

Click here to download a datasheet on the Clover Mini.


Clover Flex is a truly versatile hand-held device that lets you process payments wherever you are. It has a built-in receipt scanner and printer, and accepts electronic signatures. It has POS capabilities just like the Mini and Station.

Click here to download a datasheet on the Clover Flex.


Smaller than the Mini, Clover Mobile is a handheld touch-screen tablet that you can bring to your customers or use on your countertop.


Clover Go is an all-in-one mobile pay, chip, and strip card reader that can fit in the palm of your hand, and it syncs easily with other Clover equipment.

Click here to download a data sheet on the Clover Go.


Whether you need to upgrade your terminal to EMV compatibility or want a new POS system, Clover is the ideal option for the small business owner. HIFI POS, part of the Fidelity Family of Companies, can help you with selecting, purchasing and implementing a Clover solution for your store. Call us today at 844.HIFI.POS (844-443-4767) to order your Clover devices.