Protect Your Employees and Customers With the Guardiant Countertop Shield

To support our brick-and-mortar merchants and their customers during the coronavirus pandemic, we are now reselling APG Cash Drawer’s Guardiant Countertop Shield, a durable plexiglass screen that can be easily installed at the point of sale in order to reduce the spread of contagious airborne viruses and bacteria. The perfect solution for retail stores, pharmacies, cafes, and medical offices, the Guardiant Countertop Shield will give your customers greater peace of mind and help keep your business that much safer.

The Guardiant Countertop Shield is available in three different models, two of which have openings at the bottom of the screen to exchange payment methods or items as needed. The available models are:

  • 6’6” x 3’ Clear acrylic screen, no window
  • 6’6” x 3’ clear acrylic screen, with window
  • 32.25” x 29” clear acrylic screen with 6.5” full-length window

To learn more about the Guardiant Countertop Shield, please reach out to Fidelity’s Customer Service Team.