No-Brainer Security Solutions for Your Gateway

Online merchants become more at-risk for online fraud each year, making fraud detection and prevention a vital component of successful business.

The average number of successful fraudulent transactions grew 32.1% in 2015, with retailers reporting an average of 206 fraudulent transactions per month compared to 156 in 2014. Retailer’s prevention efforts simply aren’t keeping up with the growth in fraud.

What most merchants don’t know is that there are some powerful tools that come with most payment gateways. These tools can be used to gather information about an order to make an informed decision about whether or not to process the payment and ship an orders that may be potentially fraudulent.

Merchants can limit which charges process based on demographic, geographic, card type and even which items the customer has placed in their cart. Here’s what your payment processor can tell you about the person behind the screen:

Demographic – Who’s Paying?

  • By Email – Merchants can block transactions coming from a specific email address or even an entire email provider such as Hotmail or Yahoo.
  • By Host or IP – Transactions coming from a certain host website or IP address can be blocked.

Geographic – Where Are They?

  • AVS – Addresses can be verified against the billing address on file with the credit card company. Merchants can set how exact they require the match to be.
  • Country Blocker –  Merchants can choose which country customers can place online orders from.
  • Zip Card Verifier – Verifies that the billing and/or shipping zip code matches the state and city entered. It forces the customer to enter accurate address information.

What Kind of Card Are They Using?

  • Card Level & Type – Merchants can decide which card types and levels they choose to accept.
  • Card ID Checker (CVV, CID) – Requires the user to enter a CVV or CID pin at checkout
  • Bin Type – The system reviews the type of card (credit or debit) and block the transaction before it is authorized.
  • Multiple Credit Cards – Merchants can block the transactions if multiple credit cards are attempted for one order.

What Are They Buying?

  • Duplicate Transaction – The system detects if the same transaction has been made twice within a certain period of time.
  • Transaction Amount – Transactions outside a defined amount are blocked. Merchants set the minimum and maximum.

Still Not Sure?

  • Authorize and Capture – Credit cards are authorized at the time of purchase and the purchase amount is only finalized once the transaction is verified or when the order ships
  • Some websites, such as Cardknox, even offer automatic routing for fraud approval.

These security features are available at our payment gateway, Fidelipay. Utilizing these powerful tools is ensuring that your customer’s data is secure, making you a reliable and trusted retailer.