Fidelity PhonePay

Accept Payments 24/7 Using Our Quick and
Customer-Friendly Solution.

Fidelity PhonePay is a hosted, fully automated interactive voice response (IVR) system that will allow you to accept phone payments from your customers quickly and securely, day or night. When you sign up for our PhonePay solution, you receive a dedicated dial-in number for customers to make payments or donations. You can choose pre-recorded scripts or create custom scripts to guide your customers through the prompts so they can enter their payment information quickly and easily.

Benefits of Using Fidelity's PhonePay

 Reduce Overhead Costs
You’ll be able to accept payments around the clock without needing representatives on hand to assist.

 Eliminate Data Entry Errors
The automated system allows your customers to correct errors and approve their entries.

Improve Customer Satisfaction
It only takes minutes for customers to make payments, and the process is entirely hassle-free.

 Maintain Maximum Data Security
Our highly-secure solution takes your business out of scope for PCI requirements, which means that PCI compliance is that much easier to achieve.


  • Save Card Information On File
    Your customers have the option to save their card information on file so they can make future payments or donations without needing to re-enter their information.
  • Customer Text Confirmations
    Your customers will receive a text confirmation when they make a payment or donation.
  • Customizable Donation or Product/Service Categories
    Create donation or product and service categories to help keep track of different payment/donation types.
  • Preset Payment/Donation Amounts
    Set preset donation/payment amounts so that customers can select a payment or donation amount with the click of a button.

Why Should You Use Fidelity PhonePay?

Supplement your existing payment processing system with PhonePay so you can accept payments even when Internet connectivity issues interrupt your standard mode of payment acceptance.

Create a seamless SMS-initiated digital payment or donation process that’s fulfilled through PhonePay. Simply send a text message to the payee with the dial-line number and instructions so they can easily make a payment at their convenience.

Streamline payment collections for healthcare, property management, and other service-oriented businesses.

Accept donations for your organization or campaign at any time of day or night.

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