Another Way to Process Payments with Quickbooks

Quickbooks is a popular choice for business accounting. Many merchants that accept credit cards think that they must either manually input a payment or opt into Quickbooks integrated payment processing.

Intuit is the payment processing provider for Quickbooks. Merchants that choose to process using Intuit payments will automatically have their payment transactions sync with their accounting software.  However, merchants may want to explore other payment options with better rates or more comprehensive features.

Fidelity offers a solution that enables you to obtain lower processing rates while still benefiting from an integration with Quickbooks. Our solution gives merchants the same convenience of Intuit payments without being locked into Quickbooks rates.

The solution works for both the  Quickbooks accounting software and the Quickbooks Point of Sale system.  The benefits are numerous and prevent the possibility of double data entries, and the time of entering transactions manually into Quickbooks. Additionally, payment processing costs are lower and streamlined, and merchants can process transactions from any computer.

The Fidelity solution is unique in that it offers a higher level of security for customer payment data. Our payment plugin does not store credit cardholder data on your local computer and instead uses a secure method called “tokenization” which enables you to process recurring transactions safely. This reduces the PCI compliance costs and implementation for merchants, further streamlining payments efficiency.

The solution not only supports all major credit card types but ACH and eChecks as well.

Our Quickbooks plugin is a practical solution that reduces processing efforts and accounting times while simultaneously protecting your profit margin and bottom line.

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