The Secret to Raising Restaurant Order Volume: Mobile Orders

This is the year that digital ordering will become the norm for takeout restaurants. Uber offers on-demand food options, and Waze is beginning to integrate mobile ordering into its app as well. Major fast food chains are also realizing the benefits that digital ordering provide to both the consumer and the business.

Why Consumers Love It

Customers appreciate the ability to skip the line and order ahead of time.  They also appreciate when merchants provide them access to special offers on the digital platform.

Why Merchants Love It

Customers are not the only ones that benefit from the convenience and simplicity of placing orders online, but a study conducted by Deloitte found that the orders they place typically have a 20-30% higher ticket value since they have time to browse the full menu.  

Additionally, 80 percent of mobile searches for a business result in a purchase, according to If a customer has a choice between two restaurants, most customers will opt for the convenience of mobile ordering.

Lastly, going digital allows restaurants to reduce the number of staff in their operation since they do not require someone to answer the phone full-time.  Instead of paying additional employees, restaurant owners can invest in managing more orders and improving the customer experience.

In conclusion, mobile ordering is a win-win for restaurants and their clientele. Consumers are pleased to have quick and easy ordering options where they can browse the menu and choose options at their own pace. Merchants benefit from the improved efficiency and higher order volumes.  

Digitizing your order system does not take much work, and does not require a new website or app design. Fidelity’s simple Order-Ahead System for Restaurants is a web and mobile friendly solution that can be easily integrated with most point-of-sale systems. Priced affordably, with a quick-and-easy setup and featuring seamless cutting-edge technology, implementing a mobile system is a practical way for any restaurant to boost their bottom line.

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